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Birds of a Feather Eat Together?
You exercise as often as five times a week and have sworn off late-night potato chips , but you still have an unsightly rim of belly fat and a double chin. What is wrong? Could your friends be unwittingly sabotaging your diet plan?
Do you feel guilty eating deep fried chicken while your friend is nibbling on salad?
Yes. I feel guilty every time, but not enough to stop.
Not at all! I enjoy my food tremendously. My friend is a vegetarian anyway, so we’re really from two different worlds.
At times I so feel guilty. It depends on whether the food is tasty or not.
What is your all time favourite snack that you share with your friend?
Carrot sticks
There are so many to choose from! Chips, chocolates, fruits …
When you go out for dinner with your friends, you …
Automatically reserve seats at your favourite haunt
Need to check with your friends on the restaurant preferred
Only go for buffets as all of you enjoy that
Is it ok to comment on your friend’s unhealthy eating habits?
I’m not sure, I’ve never done that
Do you overeat when with a crowd?
Yes, I polish off every last bit on my plate and I’m proud of it!
Sometimes, when the food is phenomenal
I always leave food on the plate, no matter what we eat
One thing that drives you insane about your friend is that …
He/ she eats and talks at the same time
He/she takes a long time to decide what to eat
He/ she orders only salads
Do you have friends who are obese?
Yes, all of them are obese. Well, so am I
Most of my friends are of normal weight
Most of my friends are skinny
Does your healthy eating style get derailed by your friend’s choice of food?
What is a healthy eating style?
How often do you crave for the same food as your friend?
Very often. We hang out so often our tastes do rub off!
Some of the times
Not at all
How often do you agree with your friends on the choice of food?
Pretty much always. I go along with my friends.
Most of the time

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